Free Online Courses from Top Universities

Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, if I could take any course I wanted, from any university I desired, for free. Believing that the best universities would have the best professors, I decided to do a little research and see what pops up. To my surprise, I discovered that practically all of the top universities offer free courses. How did I decide which universities were “top universities”? I ‘googled it’, of course, and decided to use the US News rankings of national universities.

The outcome: This website:  Come visit me there.

RAP Bank will replace ClickBank as the best Marketplace

Instant Affiliate Commissions

Affiliates!  Want to get your commissions instantly?  RAP Bank will credit your PayPal account immediately when a sale is made.

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RAP Bank

Invitation to my Social Network Connections

I’m changing professions (part 1); do you want to stay connected?

Hello, we are professionally connected through Social Networks

When we first connected, I was a Project Management Professional. For the past three years, I’ve been researching Internet Marketing (IM) with the intent of earning income online and I’m almost ready to share some of the things I’ve learned. I’ve researched extensively, loading my pc with eBooks, courses and informational material. The IM section of my hard drive contains over 28,000 files, occupying more than 15 gigabytes of space. In the Project Management jargon, I’ve done the research and made the business case for being successful at Internet marketing.

Do you know the value of leftovers?

My timeline for announcing my new profession as an Internet Marketer was early-to-mid-September. I’m making (part 1) of this announcement early because on August 27 a “real Guru” will take something off the market that I think will be extremely valuable to anyone who wants to enter any kind of Sales and Marketing profession. His name is Jimmy Brown. He started the Private Label Rights (PLR) market back in 2003 and launched the first successful PLR membership site that year. When he decided earlier this year to change directions in order to have more personal time available to his family and personal projects, he had a number of documents in the creative pipeline. Rather than abandoning them, he finished them, packaged them and made them available to his connections and their contacts.

Did you know that “tried and true” in one profession may be a “new and original idea” in another?

One of the most valuable things about this package is that most of the content can be applied to any kind of selling or marketing. As you read the material, think of how it can be applied in your profession!

Did you know that most of the writing time is spent on the first draft?

If you decide to use the PLR Rights associated with the package (as I plan to), you will have the “first draft” of many blog entries, eBooks, courses, emails, etc., that you can customize to your industry and use or sell them as your own products.

Did you know that your satisfaction is guaranteed?

I firmly believe you will be more than satisfied with this package. If you are not, there is the usual money-back guarantee.

Sorry, the August 27 deadline has passed.  (Click here before August 27, 2010 and see for yourself!)

Thanks, and watch for part 2 of my Changing Professions email that will come out soon.

Boyd Carter

BlueHost is the best

I use and recommend hosting by BlueHost.


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Which Entrepreneur are you?

Which Entrepreneur are you: Yesterday’s, or Today’s?

  • Do you still do “cold calls”?
  • Do you still use a Rolodex?
  • Do you still send brochures in envelopes?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you may be Yesterday’s Entrepreneur.

Do you just “not get it”, or do you “totally not get it” regarding what works and what does not work? Old ways of selling don’t work! Old ways of managing contacts don’t work! If you or your team members have to go through every step of the sales process every time you make a sale, you are definitely Yesterday’s Entrepreneur.

I recently read a marvelous eBook that you can get free – more about that later. The amazing part of this book is the communication style. The author doesn’t tell you the point he is trying to make, he tells a story that makes the point obvious! In fact, ten stories are told in part 1 of the book. Ten beautiful examples of yesterday’s Entrepreneur.

If you just don’t get it, you should read the book; if you totally don’t get it, you MUST read the book. Not only will the stories help you “get it”, the rest of the book will help you become “Today’s” Entrepreneur. You will understand:

  • why the old methods don’t work in today’s society.
  • why people don’t buy when you call.
  • that technology enables and drives entrepreneurial capability.
  • that people like to buy, but don’t like to be sold to.
  • that people buy when THEY are ready to buy, and how you can be there when they reach that point.

The understanding of all this will lead you to understanding how you can be in front of the prospect at that perfect time; when they are ready to buy. You will truly become “Today’s Entrepreneur”.

Visit Infusionsoft by clicking on their advertisement in the right column.  At the bottom of the page, click on ”eBooks” to get a free copy of this book.

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The Value of a Business Plan

Someone said: “Most small business owners would tattoo ‘idiot’ on their forehead before they would develop a business plan!” I agree with that person, but I would like to change that perception.  Most Small Business Owners have such a poor regard for a business plan because they automatically associate a business plan with the painful experiences they imagine they will go through when they take it to their banker.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

The best value found in a business plan is in being able to track your  your success in your business. How many of us have started a business with boundless enthusiasm for what we were going to achieve? How many of us still have most of those ‘achievements’ buzzing around in our heads? If only we could find the time to take action on them. A business plan will help us do that.

Click here to purchase the best Business Plan template on the market!
Business Plan Pro

Or, if you prefer to use Coach Maria’s services, have a look at her One Page Plan.
One Page Business Plan LogoYour road map to success is a One Page Business Plan®. Get yours done this week.

Entrepreneur Guide to Sales Follow-up

Hot off the press!

This new version of the Entrepreneur’s Guide will show you exactly how you can quickly and easily follow-up with all your leads and prospects.

This 32-page guide reveals how you can avoid the common problems and pains keeping YOUR business from following-up the way you know you should.

Discover the seven secrets that can change your business!

This report is valued at $197 and is FREE for a limited time!

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The Automatic Follow-Up System – Guaranteed to Double Your Sales

Are You Spending Time, Money, or Effort Driving Traffic to Your Website, but Failing to Achieve the Revenue You Expected?

Find out how easy it is to:  Capture More Leads, Convert Prospects to Customers, Get Repeat Business, Grow Your Business Without Growing Your Staff , AND do it all…automatically!

The one critical issue many small business owners don’t understand is how to actually convert your traffic into cold, hard cash. But when it comes to marketing, you should have one goal in mind: doubling your sales.

The Automatic Follow-Up System – Guaranteed to Double Your Sales

There is one turn-key software solution you can’t afford to be without. This application is easily turning prospects into customers and doubling, even tripling sales in record time.

This application combines CRM, email marketing, & automatic follow up into one system.  But the real magic is in the automatic follow up engine, because it finally makes it easy for entrepreneurs to fix their follow-up failure. When this happens, more prospects become customers… and sales explode. That’s why the company that developed this application is the only software company that guarantees to double your sales!

Here’s what this marketing automation software will do for your business:

  • Automatically capture traffic on your website and turn it into leads
  • Follow up with every single lead without fail to ensure you don’t waste your advertising dollars
  • Automate your workflow so you and your employees can do a lot more in less time
  • Track where every single lead and customer comes from and report on conversion rates and ROI so you can make informed decisions
  • Automatically “tag” contacts based on their activities & interests so you can send perfectly targeted marketing messages that convert at much higher percentages
  • Allow you to quickly and easily send targeted marketing campaigns using email, direct mail, automated fax and voice broadcast.
  • Create multi-step nurturing sequences that automatically warm your leads and customers so they buy from you when the time is right and not from your competitors
  • Set up “trip wire marketing” actions that respond to what your prospects do and automatically adapt messaging to target them better and increase conversions
  • Slice and dice your prospect & customer lists based on any number of criteria with the click of a button so you can ensure that the right message is getting to the right people every single time

In other words, this application gives you the power to follow-up with ALL your prospects consistently and automatically so that no leads slip through the cracks!  And it’s making a big difference in small businesses all over the world. View the on-demand video and check out what users are saying about this incredible system!

This software has typically cost $5,000-$25,000 upfront and up to $2,000 per month; however, there is a starter edition that contains the “Essentials” for growing your business fast, and that’s the powerful edition we want you to try, free of charge and free of obligation!

For more information, please visit Infusionsoft by clicking on their advertisement in the right column.

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At the Edge of a Sales Tsunami

Is your business at the edge of success?

Do you feel like your company is sitting on the edge of a breakthrough?
Do you feel that success is just around the corner?
Do you want to take your business to “the next level”?

If you do, then, “The Edge of Success: 9 Building Blocks to Double Your Sales” is the book for you!

* Proven techniques for converting prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans
* How to systemize and simplify your business
* The true art of effective follow-up
* The one “secret” every small business owner must know
* And so much more!!!

Visit Infusionsoft by clicking on their advertisement in the right column.  At the bottom of the page, click on ”eBooks” to get a free copy of this book.

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Double Your Sales GUARANTEED!